Pakistan continues to bury pain of Coke Studio ‘Sayonee’ with humor

Nobody will be surprised at this point if told that Junoon founder Salman Ahmad’s coke studio debut of the timeless ‘Sayonee’ has not been the greatest of hits.

While Coke Studio generally gets high praise with a huge fan base eagerly awaiting episodes every Friday when it is being aired, this year it is of to a rocky start. Maybe its the weight of all the expectations or just a bad start, one thing that almost everyone (excluding Salman Ahmed) are agreed upon is that the ‘Sayonee’ track featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Ali Noor was bellow par.

And as Pakistanis rue the ‘destruction’ of an all time, one thing that has come out of it is an influx in memes and others poking fun at the number:


Yes, people thought it was that bad:


Others were just in denial:


Some tried to use it to the advantage of their favourites:


Anger made people get . . . explicit:


Old happenings are being used against Salman:



Salman fans pinned it all on Rahat:


A certain someone was in denial:


And while it didn’t come from him officially, we’re sure this is exactly how he reacted!



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