Peshawar Zalmi to promote cricket in China


In wake of the growing ties between Pakistan and China after the CPEC, the Pakistan Super League’s champions Peshawar Zalmi have decided help in promoting cricket in China.

Mr Wang Weiguang President Of Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences China & Ms. Zhao Baige Vice-Chair NPC, Chair Advisory Committee of CASS- RDI Project (CPEC) made the announcement after a meeting with Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi Mr Javed Afridi in Lahore.

Chinese delegates praised Peshawar Zalmi on winning the PSL title.  Mr Javed Afridi assured Chinese delegates that Peshawar Zalmi will help back the promotion of Cricket in China.

Mr  Javed Afridi was also invited by the Chinese delegation to visit China next month to meet China Cricket board & discuss the promotion of cricket in the friendly country which he accepted.

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