Thai woman graduates at the age of 91

Learning never ends is a saying that can be compared to a Thai woman who is also a grandmother as she managed to obtain a university degree at the old age of 91.
According to agencies, Kimlan Jinakul, a 91-year-old grandmother from Thailand has managed to get her bachelor‘s degree after more than 10 years of devoted struggle.
Kimlan, who is initially from the Lampang province of northern Thailand, always had a desire to learn. She had studied at one of the best-known schools in town at the time. Regrettably, events in her life forced her to abandon her dreams of higher studies as her family moved to the Thai capital of Bangkok. Later, she got married.
In the later part of her life, she helped her children study and supported them when they wanted to go to university. It was the educational involvements with her children that eventually reignited Kimlan’s passion for learning as when one of her daughters took a course at Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, she joined in as well despite being 72 at the time.
However, Kimlan’s first attempt at further studies was unsuccessful as one of her daughters died which forced her to leave her studies for a few years.
Kimlan, however, refused to abandon her dream and tried a second time at the age of 85. She enrolled for a degree in Human Ecology, a course that she thought would help her live a happy life.

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